Thoughts are a Powerful Force,,, What are you doing with Yours??? 

Spiritual Practitioner or Novice, You will find our Meditations to be Very Helpful along Life’s Journey. 

Wind Woman has put together a collection of meditations to heal, empower & connect you to
Universal Knowings that are your’s for the asking. 

Try any meditation below & in a short time you’ll begin to notice a difference in your thoughts & energies, 
as they shift you to a stronger, confident, spiritually focused conscious participant in life.

Blessings to All 

Samples of each CD are available by simply clicking on the Products picture below, Enjoy.


We are all Co-Creators of Experience in this world, as we strengthen our awareness &
become conscious participants, we begin to affect energies & conditions around us, having
enormous influence as our inner connections & awareness grow stronger.

Our Meditations will help You Reach a State of Total Relaxation & Connection with
Your Individual Spirit Team/s.
Remembering who you are & acknowledging your team members, builds strong bonds
making relationships with your team so much more fulfilling, you will never walk alone, ever!

Our Mission

  • Provide Enlightening & Empowering Knowledge to those searching for deeper understanding of who they are
    as spiritual beings, making connections with “Your Own Truths”. 
  • Offer Stress Reducing Meditations to help so many struggling in today’s uncertain world at best, we all know stress causes many aliments, even death. 
  • Support and/or create programs to help empower folks & critters in distressed situations, returning them to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 

If we can make a difference in the above missions, we are truly blessed. 

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Please enjoy this short sample of Wind Woman’s “Omni Legions Prayer”

Team Members

Born of the Cree Nation on the Pala Reservation in Southern California, a Multicultural, Para-Normal Born with Vision & Raised to Embrace Universal Concepts of Both the “Intellectualized & Natural Worlds of Spirit”.

Bringing them Together in Her Unique way of Simplifying Vastly Complex Universal Topics for all to understand, with over 33 years in Spiritual Service & Sharing of Wisdom, is Blessed to share Her life’s Work & Support Online.

Born in White Fish Montana, raised by Great Grandmother Ida (of the Blackfeet Nation) to Honor God, Mother Earth, all of Nature, Spirit Realms, Hard Work, Women & Self.

Helping Restore Sustainable Happiness & Higher Good for All, by Sharing Wind Woman’s Work, Insights & Universal Messages. As the web
designer/manager I am Honored to Serve Spirit in this platform.
Many Blessings to All

All Who Strive to Strengthen Their Personal & Spiritual Awareness, Inner Connections, Focus & Meditative Skills to help improve the energies surrounding us in these uncertain times we live in.

 If You Want & Need Changes in Your Life, Become a Conscious Participant in Healing Our World, instead of Simply Being Part of the Problem.
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    BLESSINGS to Us All.

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